Why Should You Contact a Commercial Locksmith?

It is worth noting that fully trained commercial locksmiths are specialists. Although many of them can turn their hands to residential work, the same is not the case if the situation were to be reversed. In other words, business owners and office managers should not think that they will be able to deal with a problem with their locks if they call just any local locksmith firm in their area. Pubs, restaurants, shops, factories, warehouses, mechanical workshops and offices are the sorts of commercial premises where you are much more likely to need the services of a specialist locksmith who is used to dealing with businesses. Why should you have the number of a commercial locksmith stored in your phone if you are responsible for business premises? Read on to find out.

Keyless Entry Systems

Many places of work do not simply have conventional locks to gain access these days. In fact, you are only likely to have a few trusted keyholders in most commercial settings nowadays. Many businesses rely on a keyless entry system that allows authorised people to go in and out without necessarily being able to lock up. Typically, Australian businesses use a punch code entry system or they'll issue keycards to their employees and approved visitors to swipe in and out with. Either way, many residential locksmiths won't have the necessary skills to repair a keyless entry system that has stopped working so you will need a commercial one instead.

Security Upgrades

Commercial locksmiths aren't simply there to help you when you've locked yourself out of your business premises or to cut some new keys when you want to appoint a new keyholder. In addition to these sorts of services, you can use a commercial locksmith in a role akin to a security consultant. Ask them to inspect your premises for potential points of entry and weak spots that criminals might target. You'll usually get professional advice on the best and most cost-effective ways to beef up your business security.

Multi-Site Coverage

Many businesses have more than one site. Therefore, you need a locksmith who is geared up to deal with business needs if you are in this situation. Typically, residential locksmiths want to be paid per job, but with a commercial one, you can organise a rate to cover you per site. You can also expect proper business invoicing instead of consumer-style billing, which will be handier for your accounts payable department.

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