Three Ways Locksmiths Help with Lock Maintenance

When should you call a locksmith? Typically, most homeowners only call a locksmith when their lock systems malfunction or when they lose their keys. However, the two are not the only times you may need the services of a locksmith. Notably, lock maintenance is critical for property security; hence, you need a locksmith since they are experienced and well equipped to do a better job. This article highlights ways in which a locksmith helps with lock maintenance.

Realigns Locks

When the lock on your door is not operating smoothly, the chances are high that a couple of components -- such as the latch bolt and strike plate -- are out of alignment. Notably, misaligned lock components prevent the latch from sliding into its slot. Consequently, you might think that you have locked your door, but it is still open. In other instances, you might be forced to use a lot of force to ensure that a door is actually locked. Unfortunately, using excess force on a misaligned lock lowers the hardware's life expectancy. A locksmith can help realign a lock, and the process involves raising the strike plate and widening the strike hole. The correction allows the strike plate to slot inside the hole smoothly.

Unblocks Locks

When dirt and debris accumulate inside a door lock, the operation is adversely affected. Dirt and debris clog components in a lock system and prevent smooth operation. Since internal lock parts are concealed, it is easy to ignore regular cleaning. Over time, dirt and debris accumulate in the keyway, bolt crevices, or deep inside the lock system. If you insert a key and it does not retract as usual, the chances are high that the keyway is beginning to fill with dirt. Although you might be tempted to remove dirt from deep within a lock, avoid doing so since you risk damaging the inner components. The best solution is to call a locksmith to disassemble the lock for better access and to effectively clean all the components.

Removes Rust

Rust prevention is a crucial maintenance step for locks, and the best way to do it is to lubricate the moving parts regularly. However, environmental conditions can accelerate lock corrosion. The rust removal technique used depends on the amount of rust in the system. Notably, you can remove a little bit of rust with an oil-based lubricant. For excess rust removal, call a locksmith. They will soak the hardware in a water-vinegar solution or use electrolysis to clean the rust off.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for locksmiths near you.