Common Questions People Ask Regarding Commercial Locksmith Services

You probably know that a commercial locksmith specialises in securing and providing access control to businesses. However, the scope of what a commercial locksmith does is extensive. These professionals can help you install the right locks and prevent damages to your commercial security system.

There are some common questions that many business owners ask about commercial locksmith services. Here are four of them as well as useful answers that can help you moving forward.

Which types of locks are best for my business?

This is perhaps the most common question business owners ask commercial locksmiths. The answer is not so straightforward, as each business has its own unique security concerns. For example, a small grocery store in a relatively safe neighbourhood may simply need deadbolts installed for additional security. With proper maintenance and tough doors, traditional locks may work well for such a business.

However, larger companies may find traditional locks a hassle to deal with. Such premises may work better with electronic locks or keyless entry systems that can be controlled from a central location.

The good thing about commercial locksmiths is that they have extensive knowledge of locking systems. You don't have to be a professional on locks, as your locksmith can provide valuable advice on how to keep your business secure.

If locked out, how long does it take you to let me back in?

Another common question business owners ask is how long it would take a locksmith to let them back into their premises if they were to lock themselves out. This is important information to have, as being locked out of your business can prove to be quite costly.

The answer to this question will depend on the type of locks you have. Traditional locks typically take less time to open (they often take less than an hour to access), while smart locks will need to be reprogrammed for you to gain entry (which will take longer). Each commercial locksmith will have their own way of opening your doors, so wait times can vary significantly.

Can you work on all the doors in my business?

Large companies may have many different locking systems, with some areas having combination locks and others having electronic locks. Traditional locks and padlocks may also be used in some areas. Because most commercial locksmiths have knowledge of multiple locking mechanisms, you can rely on the same professional to service all your locks.

Can you help me manage my fleet of vehicles?

If you have a commercial fleet that you need help managing, commercial locksmiths come in handy. They can help you carry out regular repairs on vehicle locks while keeping all car keys in a safe and organised area (such as a key cabinet).