Immediate Steps to Take After a Burglary in Your Home

When thieves break into your home and steal your stuff, they take more than that because they go with your sense of security and peace of mind. Your home may no longer feel as secure as you thought it to be. However, though a burglary can be very traumatizing to the household members, some steps can be taken after the fact to make things just a little better. Here are the top 4;

Call the Police

If the cops are not already on their way, call them as soon as burglars are out of your house. Calling the police not only makes you feel secure but it's a requirement for insurance claims, and they can help you find the thieves. In the meantime, don't touch anything because that will be tampering with evidence except maybe taking a picture. You can go around the house and record everything that has been stolen so you can put that in the police statement and the insurance claim and be sure to give detailed descriptions of each item.

Cancel Your Credit Cards

Unless you put your bank records and cards in a secure safe, the thieves will most likely reach them. Prevent further theft by canceling all your bank cards including credit cards even if they weren't stolen. It's also good to ask your banker to check for any suspicious activity in your account and to call you if anything like that occurs.

Call the Insurance Company

If anything big or valuable was stolen during the burglary, you must inform your insurer as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. The list you made with the police of stolen and destroyed items is what you will send to the insurer plus the crime reference number the police gave you.

Upgrade Your Security

Even if you have a top of the range security system, thieves were able to enter your home, and that means there is a weakness somewhere. Take some time to review your security for those weak areas especially where the burglars used to enter your home. It might help to call a reputable locksmith who will not only change your locks but also upgrade your security system. An emergency locksmith or mobile locksmith will help you to identify the weaknesses of your current system and recommend the way forward.

Beefing up your home's security should be your top propriety after a burglary. Contact an experienced and professional locksmith who can recommend the best high-security locking and security systems on the market today. The locksmith should also provide installation services so that you can get the most value out of the new security locks.