5 Tips to Keep Your Car Safe

A car is a possession that most people value and grow attached to. Car theft is a vice that every car owner worries about. The following are some tips that can help to keep your car safe.

Keep it in the garage

Keeping your car out in the street makes it vulnerable to thieves. A garage keeps it hidden and thus less likely to get stolen. In addition, the garage discourages thieves as they have to break into the garage first to access the car which is additional work.

Install security devices

Most modern cars have an inbuilt alarm system. If yours doesn't have an alarm system, install it. In addition, put a sticker to show that the car is alarm protected. The sticker is likely to discourage a thief regardless of whether it is working or not. Most thieves want an easy way out, and an alarm indicates a tougher job. You could also invest in immobilisers which ensure that the car won't start if the wrong key is used.

Keep your valuables hidden

Whenever you leave valuables in the car, keep them out of sight or invest in window tint. Someone is likely to break into your car when there is something worth the effort. If all they can see is a box of tissues, they will not have much motivation to break in. you could also keep your valuables in the boot but do it before you get to your destination lest a potential intruder see you do it.

Always park in a safe area and keep your keys safe

Choose a car park with a barrier or attendant and where you have to park on the street; choose a busy place with adequate lighting.  In addition, keep your car keys safe. With the advancement in the car security system, it is easier for a thief to steal the car keys than break into the car. 

Lock the car at all times

Whenever you step out of your car, whether you are just dashing to the store or picking something that you forgot in the house, lock it. Furthermore, it is not enough to press the lock button; confirm that it is actually locked before walking away. Should you notice that you press the lock button but the car remains unlocked, consult an auto locksmith. A car locksmith can repair your key fobs or program remote keys to ensure that your car locks properly at all times.

Most thieves are opportunists and will take the easiest route when stealing. Don't make it easy for your car to be stolen; take these simple steps to protect it and it could be all it takes to keep it safe.