Things To Consider When Choosing Door Handles

Door handles are amongst the most important hardware choices for your home. Since door handles are installed on all doors and used on a daily basis, they are impossible to ignore. Sometimes, a residence's entire style might be improved by the right door handle. Different door handle designs and finishes are a great way to update the feel of your home.

Today, though maintaining their basic functionality, door handles have also become a fashion statement. They are now available in a delightful variety with some handles having intricate designs to add to glamour in any home. Below are things to consider when choosing door handles. 


The best way to get a perfect style is to approach door handles designs as you would approach other interior design projects. Consider your home's overall theme. Does your home have a classic traditional interior design or does it have a contemporary look? There are many impressive designs in both modern and traditional styles to suit the overall aesthetic of any home or room. If you want to go with a traditional design approach, then choose decorative door handles. But if you intend to create a modern style, select handles with a simple appearance. 

Door setup and design

You'll also need to consider the type and design of doors used throughout the house. Are you using different door styles for different rooms or are you using the same style for every room? Taking your door's setup and design into account will help you choose door handle designs that complement your home decor. Moreover, it will ensure that the door handles you choose are suited for your door's dimensions.

Environment and hygiene considerations

Door handles are likely to host a lot of germs because of the many hands that touch them. It is imperative that you pay attention to the materials used. Common materials include chrome, stainless steel, satin nickel and pewter. Always opt for door handle designs that are easy to clean. The door handle you choose should also be able to withstand weather element in your location. For instance, if you live at the coast, go for door handles made with materials resistant to corrosion.

Door handles are a huge trend in interior design. As with a majority of home improvements, do your due diligence to help you make a wise decision. A great design will add a feeling of prestige and luxury to any space including hotels, offices and homes.