Five simple things you can do to improve your home security

Keeping your home as secure as possible isn't just a matter of having the latest high-tech security systems. It's also a matter of developing good habits and involving yourself actively in the day-to-day routine of security. Follow these simple tips to help make your home a safer place. 

Check your locks' condition

Even the best locks don't provide proper protection unless they're properly installed and kept in good condition. Check the condition of your door and window locks regularly to make sure that they're in proper working order. Test them for smooth opening and oil them as needed. If you need a hand with lock maintenance or replacement, consult your local locksmith

Change combinations regularly

Combination keypads on doors and safes are a great way to maintain security without worrying about the possible loss of keys. However, many people weaken the effectiveness of these systems by using predictable combinations or keeping the same combinations for long periods. Change your combinations regularly and make sure that the new combinations are genuinely different from the old ones. Setting a reminder in your phone's calendar app can help you remember to do this. It'll take a little extra work, but it goes a long way toward improving your security. 

Cover common access points

Small improvements to common vulnerabilities in your home's security can make a big difference. For example, letter slots are a common way for would-be intruders to get a peek inside your home, even if they're not able to effect an entrance. Fitting a guard to the inside of the letterbox is a small step that can quickly and simply eliminate this risk. 

Keep car keys out of sight

Keeping your car keys on a table or hook near the door is a good way to remember them, but it's also a good way to show them off to a potential thief. Car keys represent a high-value item that can be stolen in a matter of moments, making them a tempting target. Keep car keys out of sight in a drawer or cupboard; like many security measures, this won't keep them perfectly safe but it will help to make your home a less appealing target. 

Know what to do in an emergency

If you do have a break-in, or even if you're simply locked out of the house, it helps to know what to do. Make sure you have the number of your local locksmiths in your phone; they will be able both to get you back inside and to advise you on the next steps you need to take, whether that means simply making a spare key as a backup or changing your locks. 

These common-sense precautions won't take long or cost much. Nonetheless, they can do a lot to improve your home's security and give you peace of mind.