Three Ways You Can Avoid Breaking Your Car Ignition

One of the biggest moments of dread you can experience in your car is when your key snaps off in the ignition. Not only do you have the annoyance of needing to get a new key, but your car is immobilised until you get the broken key removed and a replacement key made. Luckily, a locksmith can fix the problem for you and get you mobile again pretty quickly, but there are also ways you can prevent the key from snapping in the first place. Here are three things you can do to reduce the chance of breaking your car key.

Discard Keychains

When you visit a new place or attraction, it is nice to grab a keychain as a commemorative memento. The problem is that when you have too many keychains attached to your key, the weight of these put the key under pressure while it is sitting in the ignition. Keep the number of keychains you use to one at a time. If you build up a collection of them, then change the keychain weekly or monthly rather than trying to use them all at the same time.

Check Your Keys

In the age of the two-car family, it is not unusual to be carrying two types of car key on your keychain. It is surprising how many people try to automatically force a key into the ignition without first checking that it is the correct key. Normally, an incorrect key will not get too far into the ignition mechanism before it becomes obvious that it is the wrong key. However, if you have managed to lodge the wrong key in the ignition, call a locksmith to remove it. Trying to force the key back out does leave yourself open to damaging the key and the ignition.

Disengage Your Steering Wheel Lock

Many cars have a steering lock which engages which you rotate the steering wheel to the locked position. If the steering lock is engaged, then the care will not start until you disengage it. If you try to force the car key to start the car before you disengage the lock, then you can damage the key or the ignition. Insert the key and then turn the steering wheel slightly side to side until you feel it "click" free. Then you can start the car as per normal.

If you suspect your car key is damaged, arrange for your locksmith to make a replacement now. It will save you from the experience of being stranded because the key has broken in the ignition.